Datuk Ir. Lim Tong Kang
Cheif Risk Officer, Tenaga Nasional Berhad
MARIM Chairman

Dear Delegates,
Nations and empires rise and fall. We could not have imagined Great Britain outside of the EU nor the drastic fluctuations of global oil prices. The world has always evolved and it has always been challenging. In this day and age with the world getting increasingly smaller and information traveling at the speed of light, how are we managing our risks? How do we need to reimagine risk management to be able to adapt quickly? How are we able to gather and use all available information to make key decisions?

I am honoured to welcome you to the MARIM Conference 2016. We have with us in these two days distinguished speakers who are experts in their field to open our eyes to emerging or evolving risks. Although the papers that would be presented in this conference covers a wide range of topics, this only emphasizes the fact that risk management is truly enterprise-wide and is not limited to the financial or insurance industries. It involves the driver of the CEO thinking about managing his road safety risks and the Chairman of the multi-national company exploring the strategies in managing geo-political risks.

We have with us for these two days more than a hundred delegates representing at least 40 different organisations. From those figures alone, you could imagine the opportunities available to gain knowledge, share experiences as well as laugh and cry over our successes and challenges in reimagining risk management in this challenging world.

Therefore, I strongly encourage each of you to make the most of this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. It is also our hope that we will band together to elevate our profile as risk managers to create and protect value, specifically in our organisations, and to the country at large.

Last but not least, my sincere appreciation goes to our distinguished Speakers and Sponsors for your continuous support. A big Thank You to the Organising Committee for their untiring efforts in successfully organising this Conference.