About The Conference

In an era where advertising is moving increasingly toward the digital sphere, ensure your Company remains competitive and compliant by learning how to legally comply with privacy laws, while developing highly targeted marketing. Claims professionals and risk managers are increasingly seeing the significance of social media in claims investigations and the defense of litigation.

Social media sites are playing a pivotal role in defending claims, what about those uses -or misuses- of social media by insurers that can themselves lead to claims? What other surprises does social media have in store for claims and risk management professionals? Social media is here to stay, and it represents a paradigm shift in how people communicate and share information.

One of the ever-present sources of concern for those with data-related operations is how to overcome the restrictions affecting international data transfers in a cost-effective, sustainable and effective manner.

Lacking data security seems prevalent in the business world whilst personal data needs to be regulated: Privacy as a business driver is a great thing for privacy professionals!

Conference Objectives

Viruses, spam, targeted attacks against users, organized crime – all of these are happening in social media. Social networks are facilitated by web technology. The two major social networks Facebook and Twitter opened up new avenues of communication for millions of people around the world. Hundreds of Facebook groups are made up of hijackers and the content that you see on a page might not be benign. Social network Twitter is also a growing security minefield. These are the sites that attackers are targeting, because that’s where the users are.

  • The main objective of the conference is to enlighten the participants on the latest development on social media risks and privacy violations.
  • Discuss the strategies and tactical issues facing organizations in mitigating social media risks and privacy
  • Gain valuable insights from high level speakers and opinion leaders as they debate key issues impacting individuals and organizations
  • Understand hard hitting and timely topics to improving partnerships between and among insurance companies, brokers, risk practitioners and major corporations
  • Interact and exchange ideas with other delegates and field experts

Target Audience

  • CEOs & Senior Management of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies
  • Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers
  • Management Consultants
  • Risk Managers
  • Supervisors & Regulators
  • Lawyers, Technology Experts and Other Service Providers to the Insurance Industry
  • Banks, Financial Institutions serving the Insurance Industry
  • Cyber Security & Engaging Executives
  • Engaging Managers from Ministry of Telecommunications & Multimedia
  • Those keen to increase their network and contacts in the industry