Companies may apply directly for the award. Please provide a summary of your risk management system achievements in not more than one thousand (1000)words and maximum of ten (10) power point presentation slides to assist the judges in their evaluation. For guidance on the details needed, please refer to the judging criteria.

All nominations will be reviewed in strict confidence by an independent panel of judges.

The decision of the judging panel is final and no further correspondence will be entertained.

Based on the information received, the judges may call on you and/or the nominee for further clarification where necessary. The judges may request for a presentation and/or visit to the respective organisation.  Full supporting report and documents, which attest to and substantiate the nominee’s achievement or contribution, may be required.  None of the information received will be used for commercial purpose.  Please send the form together with supporting documents (hard copy) to: MARIM Secretariat Office

About THE Judging Process

The Risk Manager of The Year Award 2015

Entries will be judged based on their:

  • Company’s risk management goals and objectives and how well they monitor the implementation;
  • Company Risk Management Implementation
  • Risk Management Plans, including flow diagrams showing levels of management participation
  • Ability to identify and evaluate potential risk and able to develop possible scenarios
  • Ability to select and apply the most practical, systematic, pro-active and cost effective risk management techniques to minimise potential loss exposures
  • Ability to organise and monitor practical and effective pre and post operational changes/processes
  • Effective continuous training programme with regular test and exercise to simulate different risk management scenarios
  • Effective risk management reporting structure
  • Examples of successful implementation of risk management program.

The Risk Management Consultant of The Year Award 2015

Entries will be judged based on their:

  • In depth knowledge
  • Broad experience
  • Improved Risk Management for a client
  • Innovative approach
  • Outstanding problem solver
  • Worthy consultancy ambassador
  • Relevant professional credentials
  • Examples of contribution to growth of the discipline in the region.


All entries must be received before/by 15 June 2015.

All entries should be sent to

any further assistance can call Denial (03-7599 0284)

Nomination Form