8.00AM Registration & Networking
9.00AM Opening by Datuk Seri Haji Johari Abdul Ghani, Finance Minister II
9.45AM Key Note Address

Angela Kelly , Country Manager, Singapore, Lloyd’s, Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd’s of London (Asia) Pte Ltd

Slide:MARIM Conference_AngelaKelly_KeyNoteAddress

11.00AM Putting on VUCA Lens in Mitigating Business Risks

Justin Dundas-Smith, EY Asia Pacific Risk Transformation Leader, EY Asia Pacific Advisory Centre
Succeeding or lagging behind? Get more insights on how to navigate through the complexity of interconnected economies, volatile markets, changes in political superpowers and geo-political uncertainties.

Slide:MARIM Conference_JustinDundasSmith_Putting on VUCA Lens

11.45AM Redefining Third Party Risk Management in a VUCA Era

Daniel Maclachlan, Global Director, Due Diligence Strategy, ethiXbase
As organisations tap on cross-market business opportunities through an increasingly complex web of third parties, their exposure to corruption risk inadvertently increases. With the cost of ‘getting it wrong’ now so high in today’s VUCA era, how have best practices in third party risk management evolved

Slide:MARIM Conference_DanielMacLachlan_Redefining 3rd Party RMgmt







2.00PM Embedding Big Data in Risk Management

David Socha, Practice Partner, Industrial IoT Group, Teradata International
Businesses are awashed with petabytes of data. Risk managers are to harness the power of big data analytics to predict potential risks and opportunities.

Slide:MARIM Conference_DavidSocha_Embedding Big Data in RMgmt

Facing VUCA Through Business Resilience

Azizul Rahman b. Mohd Basir,Chief Executive Officer, KUB Telecom
Explore ways to mitigate low likelihood and high impact risks to stay afloat through various events that could wind up our business.

Slide:MARIM Conference_AzizulRahman_Facing VUCA Thru Biz Resilience

2.40PM Empowering Citizens: Challenges on Developing Smart Societies

Mahadhir Aziz, Head of Technology, Hub Development, Cyberview Sdn Bhd
While debates over the transition to smart cities tend to focus on the economic and technical aspects, the development of a “smart society” is the next stage beyond the advent of smart cities.

Slide:MARIM Conference_MahadhirAziz_Smart Societies

A BCP Simulation – Riding Out The Storm

Henry Ee, Founder & Managing Director, Business Continuity Planning Asia Pte Ltd (BCP Asia)
Visualise worst case scenarios through rigorous business continuity simulation to strengthen business resiliency.

3.20PM Understanding Reputational Risk – Identify, Measure & Mitigate

Arun Menon, Director, Ipsos Public Affairs & Loyalty, Ipsos Malaysia
Building company reputation may take years, but it can be severely damaged or destroyed in a flash. It is the company’s priority to protect its market & brand value through rapid action on reputational threats.

Slide:MARIM Conference_ArunMenon_Understanding Reputational Risk

International Expansion – Minimising Disaster Impact

Paul Dourcet, Regional Security Manager, Security Solutions, APAC International SOS and Control Risks
Expanding internationally is a critical strategy for a saturated market. Tackle and minimise unexpected risks when expanding beyond our borders.

Slide:MARIM Conference_PaulDourcet_Minimising Disaster Impact



4.30PM Panel Session 1: Riding The VUCA Wave

Slide:MARIM Conference_Panel Session 1

6.00PM Pillow Talk By The Pool: Mastering Soft Power – A Woman Entrepreneur’s Journey

Annie Undikai. Managing Director, Brighton Management Ltd.


8.00AM Registration & Networking
9.00AM Welcome Remarks by MARIM Chairman
9.15AM Global Flood Map – Mitigating Natural Catastrophic Risk

Paul May, Vice President, Division Engineering Manager, FM Global Asia Pacific
Recent disastrous floods in our region has cost lives and great economic loss. Are your businesses at risk? Understand and explore optimum strategies to strengthen flood resilience.

Slide:MARIM Conference_PaulMay_GlobalFloodMap

10.45AM Blockchains: Benefits & Risks

Steve Tunstall, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Inzsure.com
Understanding why blockchains, the technology underpinning cryptocurrency, have the potential to revolutionise the world economy. Discover the impact of the technology behind bitcoin that is changing money, business and the world.

Slide:MARIM Conference_SteveTunstall_Blockchains 101

11.45AM HR Risks & Challenges In A VUCA World

Nadiah Tan Abdullah, Chief Human Resource Officer, SP Setia Berhad
To enable business success in these challenging times, agility is the key word for HR. Organisation structure, roles, competencies, technology and governance will need to change substantially to ensure relevance and efficiency.

Slide:MARIM Conference_NadiahTanAbdullah_HR Risks



3.00PM Cyber Risk

Ramesh Pillai, Chairman, Board of Governors, Institute of Enterprise Risk Practitioners
In an era of increasing competitiveness, businesses and organizations are becoming more dependent on digital systems in order to compete effectively and are concentrating their value in digital assets to benefit from the explosive growth of a connected economy. However, concurrent with the exponential growth of the digital economy, cyber attacks have increased at the same or an even greater rate. Failure to adequately understand cyber risks in context opens the door for multi-stage attacks to our critical infrastructures and the public.

Slide:MARIM Conference_RameshPillai_Cyber Risk

3.45PM Panel Session 2: What Does It Take For CROs & Insurers To Succeed In A World Where ‘Black Swans’ Are A Norm Rather Than An Exception?