The Academy of Risk Management Malaysia Berhad (The Academy) is a professional body for risk management practitioners. Registered as a company limited by guarantee, The Academy is established to be the leading enterprise-wide risk management training institute, independent, well-respected advocates of the risk profession and owned by practising risk professionals. The Academy is established due to the following motivations:

  • Risk management is a discipline which, either by best practice or regulations, has been getting more prominence and is widely embraced and applied in industrial, commercial, non-profit and public sectors.
  • Increasing application by these sectors, be it for the reason of good governance, sustainability or competitive edge, creates more demand for skilled, competent and professional risk practitioners to facilitate and drive effective risk management implementation.
  • Strengthening life-long learning of risk professionals through proper training and continual professional development is important to equip them with the skills needed to deal with the demands of a constantly changing, sophisticated and challenging environment.

In the future, it is hoped that The Academy will become the statutory risk management body that regulates, develops, supports and enhances the integrity and status of the risk profession while upholding the public interest.



  • To be recognised and renowned throughout Asia-Pacific as a risk management professional body highly committed to nation building.
  • To develop, support and monitor quality and expertise consistent with international best practices of risk management profession in the interest of stakeholders.


The Academy is established to provide recognition, knowledge, networking and career supports to its risk professionals. Specifically, the objectives are:

  1. To promote and further the interest of, and advancement of the profession of risk management;
  2. To provide technical and ethical excellence in risk management profession through professional educational opportunities, research and development; and continuing professional development (CPD) activities in ensuring professional standard of practices.


The professional risk certification program will be the core activity of The Academy. The certification program has 2 levels:

Level 1: Certificate in Risk Management
1. Principle of Risk Management
2. Risk Assessment
3. Practices of Risk Management

Level 2: Advanced Certificate in Risk Management
4. Risk Management and Corporate Governance
5. Sustainability Risk Management
6. Case Studies in Risk Management


Anuar Abd Shukur

Dr. Arpah Abu Bakar

Norchahya Ahmad

Zalina Jaflus

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